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It all begins with crops

It all begins with crops

It all began in early 20th century from a family farm.
Today, we eagerly go back to our roots and follow the wisdom of past generations, whose ultimate priority was to care for their land.

We believe it is not only our responsibility
but also an investment into the future of this planet.

Ensuring the quality of our vegetables

We truly care about the quality of our vegetables
because of sustainable farming practicies

We are rigorous at every step of the production process, testing the soil, water as well as our vegetables. We monitor the entire plant growth cycle, with field inspections designed
to ensure ultimate quality

We closely oversee every stage of production.
We check all our vegetables and products.

Good climate of the region paired with regenerative agriculture practices
have a positive impact on the quality of the products
that we are proud to be delivering to our customers,
all the while carefully monitoring their journey from field to fork

It is in our fields, in the Mazovia region of Poland, near the towns of Płońsk and Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, that we cultivate the vegetables to be later used in our products.    

Learn about the origin of our vegetables

In the heart of Mazovia, far away from industrial sites and the hustle and bustle of big cities, every single day,
with utmost dedication we ensure the best possible conditions for our vegetables to grow. 


Our farms in the Płońsk county:





Area: 156 ha

Our fields are located right next to the Green Factory Zdunowo production facility, where vegetables go directly from the field. This way we shorten delivery times, so the vegetables are even fresher and above all, we can reduce carbon footprint because we do not use any fuel for this stage of production.  

Area: 250 ha

Here our crops are grown very close to the other production facility in Mazovia, where they go straight from the field to ultimately reach the tables of millions of people in Poland and Europe; The facility in Wróblewo has a Vacuum Cooler and cooling tunnels that help extend the life of our products. 

Area: 150 ha

This is our westernmost location. Here our fields are surrounded by forests, a creek and some meadows, which promotes biodiversity. In this location sightings of protected species are quite common!  

Area: 50 ha

This is here that our organic vegetables are grown

Our farms in the Nowy Dwór county:



Area: 25 ha

It is our very first farm.

Here our company was born.

Area: 40 ha

This farm is adjacent to a Nature 2000 area – our efforts to support the local fauna and flora are especially important here.  
The proximity of the Vistula river makes vegetation start earlier than in other locations. 

Sustainable agriculture

It all begins with the soil

The results we have been achieving, with their roots in agricultural production, are a consequence of soil management.  

By creating the right environment for the fauna and flora in the soil, we build fertility for years to come, while fostering biodiversity, and we hold the GLOBALG.A.P. Biodiversity certificate to prove it.

Organic crops

2023 was the first year that saw the delivery of our organically grown products to customers    

We obtained an organic production certificate, thus confirming the compliance of our farming practices with organic standards that prohibit the use of synthetic plant protection products and chemical fertilizers,
while promoting environment-friendly plant cultivation.

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